20 Jul 2017

COLLAB: Eskapee Coffee

WORDS x Sean Benesh
PHOTOS x Grant Benesh

Loam Coffee has partnered with Eskapee to release our first collaborative coffee … Eskapee Coffee. With two brands focusing on the lifestyle, stories, and culture of mountain biking this relationship seemed inevitable, as if we were on a crash course of destiny. But this is also a story about origins. Origins matter to us and this is the story of our origins and the origins of our new Eskapee Coffee

We all have a starting place in life, although none of us got to choose who our parents were, where we grew up, how we grew up, our ethnicity, socio-economic status, and so on. But we started. We had an origin.

At Loam Coffee our origins are founded on finding more than one way to blend together our love and passion for all-things mountain biking with coffee. Not simply roasting and selling coffee, but taking the next step in ensuring that even the coffee we roast and sell aligns with who we are as a company.

One of the guiding principles for Loam Coffee is the increasing desire and awareness to continue to link mountain biking and coffee. This goes far beyond merely naming our coffees after trails or bike parks and is also about our coffee bean origins. We’re on a quest to continuously strive to source our beans from (a) farms, co-ops, and importers seeking to make a positive impact on the lives of coffee farmers, and (b) to source our beans from regions known for, or growth in, mountain biking. (That also explains why we sponsor enduro races in places like Costa Rica and Oaxaca, Mexico.)

For our Eskapee Coffee collaboration we’re starting off with a Mexico FTO Women Producers coffee. This is a Fair Trade Organic (FTO) coffee from various smallholder all-female farmers of GRAPOS. GRAPOS or Grupo de Asesores de Producción Orgánica y Sustentable S.C. is a group of coffee producers in the state of Chiapas in the southern Mexico area that borders Triunfo Biosphere Reserve. GRAPOS provides essential services to its members including access to finance, technical assistance, and community development programs.

As with any collaboration the goal is to share the joint meaning of both brands and through this we certainly hope we accomplish this. However, we also hope that when you take your first sip of the handpicked Eskapee Coffee that you also think of the origins of the coffee and the women farmers in Chiapas, Mexico, their lives, and even their region. Not only are you tasting their hard work but you’re also supporting them socially and economically. Ultimately, we’d love for our coffee to be one more linkage for these communities to be sustained and even see mountain biking develop and grow there.

Get your Eskapee Coffee right now, directly from Loam, or via the Eskapee shop:

– Domestic (USA) 8oz bag ($12.99)*
– Domestic (USA) 5 pound bag ($70.00)*
– International ($45.00 for 3-pack)**

*Free shipping to the USA. 
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